The potato processing industry and its role in animal feed

Starch processing and the role of starch potatoes in animal feed

Starch modification and uses of potato starch

An introduction to potato starch production

Potato storage without Chlorpropham - Starting early with 1.4SIGHT

Top quality French-fry potatoes without Chlorpropham

Corona crisis reveals added value of new sprout inhibitor for potatoes

Potato storage without Chlorpropham requires sprout inhibitor that costs little, works well

Potato World Vision - He who pays the piper calls the tune!

The World of Potato Research: Variable rate planting

International potato sector can start gathering knowledge again

How rising temperatures affect pest pressure in potato growing seasons

What effect does climate change have on fungal potato diseases?

How to study the effect of climate change on potato pests and diseases

A closer look at some properties of seed potatoes – Size and age

A look into the generative and vegetative stages of potatoes

What is there to know about degeneration of seed potatoes

Which data sources to use for potato yield gap analysis

Get to know the effects of water on potato yields

How to deal with intensive rainfall and slopes in potato planting

What are the working practices and common patterns in potato planting?

PotatoWorld dish - Roasted potato and other winter vegetables

Potato World Vision - Opportunities of corona for the potato industry

The World of Potato Research: Farms of the Future

There is always room for improvement in the potato sector

Pre-planting: Tillage methods in mechanized potato production systems

Decisions at planting: Potato planting material

Mixing potatoes with other crops: intercropping

PotatoWorld dish - Potato-onion-bacon bread from the oven

Altering the growing environment of potatoes with plastic sheeting

Potato World Vision - Taking responsibility

Environment dependence of cropping systems

Photosynthesis and starch formation in potatoes

Fungus diseases: Rhizoctonia canker (black scurf) in potatoes

Resistance breeding and potato breeding pioneers

Fungus diseases: Silver scurf in potatoes

More precision in potato production; weed control

Invest in basic research to prepare potato industry for the future

Transport of potatoes

PotatoWorld dish - Spinach-potato soup

Washing, weighing, packing and palletizing potatoes

Potato World Vision - The need for innovation in the potato sector

Mechanical potato graders

Visually estimating potato size grades

Sorting potatoes

‘Keeping gene-editing outside Europe is a false security’

Potato storage temperature regime

Breeding for desired tuber traits: Assessing traits

Approaches in potato breeding: objectives in different environments

More precision in potato production; potato haulm killing

Recording critical potato storage parameters

Potato store loading

The potato chain needs targeted management

Mechanical potato harvesting

Potato harvesting methods

Other people’s knowledge can help you choose the right potato storage solution

What you should know before buying a potato storage solution

An effective grower warms up his potatoes in the right way

Water limitation of potato crop yields at the soil and plant level

Adjust your storage regime during the storage of potatoes

Water limitation of potato crop yields at the regional level

The eight growers' attributes for highly effective potato storage

Temperature limited yield explorations

When storing potatoes, cooling is fundamental

Effect of climate change on water use in potato cultivation

Important step in the storage process: storing potatoes

Unlocking food from the potato tuber: the need to heat

A proper basis for storing potatoes starts in the field

Precision farming in potato cultivation

The role of storage in the potato economy

Need for irrigation in potato production

Main potato viruses

Decision support systems in potato cultivation

Late blight (Phytophthora infestans)

Dynamics of tuber number per potato plant

Aboveground structures of the potato plant: Main stem & lateral stems

The effect of climate change on tuber quality

Botanical seed in potato production: Early use of True Potato Seed

Propagation material of the potato plant – Seed tubers

Yield levels of potato crops

Calculation of potential yields

Potato planting methods and systems


Pre-planting operations: Tillage

Decisions upon store loading

Dormancy and sprouting

Effects on tuber disorders

Effects of salinity: ECsw = 1.5 x ECiw

The health benefits of the potato

The need for Potato storage

Crop-soil-water relations


Temperature effect on growth

Why potatoes like CO2

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